Slave for today

Posted in Domination, Femdom, Torture on February 18th, 2008 by Michael Smith

The girls found a slave for today. He promised to be obedient. They invited him fem dom sissy to their house. They loved femdom sex. Slave was not against femdom sex. He undressed and laid down on the table in anticipation of torture. Girls will be pleased to femdom doctor have begun to torture. They decided fuck femdom him all night. The guy was filed in anticipation of the upcoming night.

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Femdom torture

Posted in Domination, Femdom, Humiliation, Torture on February 16th, 2008 by Michael Smith

She had invited him in the coffee-house. They talked nice and she suggested a walk. She has long been noticed him. He was very arrogant and did not notice her. She decided to retaliate against lesbian strapon him for his self-conceit and show femdom torture. She gave him to the barn. He was surprised such an atmosphere. In a shed were chains, whips, handcuffs and a lot of things. She invited him to try it. He femdom chronicles put a handcuff. She tied his advantage in such a moment. She said that now he knows what is femdom torture. His penis was small and this prompted her to humiliation on his small penis. He mistress and male slaves pics shouted for help. She ordered him silent. She said that this is only the beginning of the evening.

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Slave in cage

Posted in Femdom, Mistress, Slave, Torture on February 15th, 2008 by Michael Smith

Mistress closed her slave in a cage. She wanted femdom. Slave was against. He screamed and cried. Mistress was unhappy captive cocks with such behaviour of slave She said that it would issue if he asks her for femdom. She didn’t take food and water to them. Slave began to ask femdom. Mistress said that does not tiger woods mistress believe him, he asked very badly. Slave was scare and hot femdom dildo began ask not only femdom but and torture with toilet training. Mistress released slave and made him all that he has so requested.

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Latex pair

Posted in Anal, Domination, Facesitting, Latex, Mistress, Slave, Strap on, Torture on February 13th, 2008 by Michael Smith

Sexy dominant mistress played with her submissive slave. They decided to extreme measures today. They extreme penis modifications dressed latex costumes. Sheets on the couch was from latex too. Mistress was forced every beg to her slave. He licked her ass. She did facesitting to him. Main was later. Mistress got a black femdom chronicles strap on that fit under the suit of latex. Slave begged her for femdom mercy. He said that he had enough for today. Mistress said that without “sweet” he is not withdraws. Slave understood what anal torture was waiting for him.

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Double Mistress

Posted in Domination, Mistress, Torture on February 12th, 2008 by Michael Smith

The two girls was friends. They met with a man. He invited them to imagine after their conversation. He said that this visit they will never forget. He will allow them to dominating. The girls were told that he would come to visit them. They gave the assurance that he will never forget his visit to them. They told him that it femdom art would be domination and femdom sex. The man is delighted. He came to the evening. They drink coffee and started to play. They tied him to the rack. Girls femdom tgp was a professional mistresses. Mistresses got their costumes and decided to scare slave. Slave delighted vice versa. He dreamed femdomporn of that for a long time. They held their excellent night of torture.

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Domination nurse

Posted in Femdom, Torture on February 7th, 2008 by Michael Smith

Mila and Mike playing a game “Domination nurse and patient.” Mila dominated because it was a nurse. Mike complained jessica bangkok high heels that the pain in his penis. Mila made the inspection. The treatment of such diseases were penis torturing. Mike nervous. Mila tied him femdom porn to the seat and said that such treatment is required. Otherwise you will amputation. Mike had no humiliation choice. He stood all the torture nurses that would save his penis

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Girl friend is mistress

Posted in Mistress, Torture on February 6th, 2008 by Michael Smith

Kris was a student of National University. She torture femdom had many girlfriends, because he was strong and 
sexy. Jessica, one of his girlfriends, proposed to came on in her  dominatrice femdom house to learn homework together.  Jessica was tall hot blond girl.
Kris came on to Jesica`s house in evening. She met him and proposed sat near the table.  She asked him opinion about femdom and torture. She roused to play in “Mistress and Slave“.
Kris thought it is joke and agreed with it.
She attached him. Then dressed femdom mistress tube mistress`s suit and begun torture… She had wonderful fantasy
and torture was very powerful.  When he realized that this is not a joke, it was too late. Mistress
began to get pleasure from the process and it was impossible to stop…

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