Pain and pleasure

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There is nothing this big breasted babe loves to wear more than black femdom stockings and a leather dress. She used ropes and pegs to make this guy feel pain and pleasure at the same time. He was tied, and there was nothing he could do, except to enjoy the femdom art. This horny dark haired mistresses use her hands to… Read more »

One mistress and two guys

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That’s what makes her pussy wet. In one of the best femdom galleries, this long haired kinky babe forced a guy to suck other guy’s cock through the glory hole, and these fellas weren’t even gay. That was before she sucked his penis and tied it with ropes. These poor studs didn’t even think that a girl will fuck their tight little virgin asses, but after she put on her strap-on, they realized that they better listen to what she says. She gave them the best femdom handjobs and let… Read more »

Mistress fucking

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One word can describe these three femdom art ladies and that word is merciless. They tied up this dude and shoved a long black dildo in his butt. One of them forced him to watch his mistress fucking him and calling him names. That made his shaved cock even harder and he was ready to cum, but they didn’t let him. First, he had to experience some pain, so they attached metal pegs to his nipples and all over his arms. He realized what a real femdom spanking feels… Read more »

Blonde haired mistress

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This blonde haired mistress loves to give hardcore femdom handjobs and to use her long whip and to spank her slaved. In one of the kinkiest femdom galleries, she forced this guy to cum several times, after she fucked his tight little butt and rode his pulsating shaft. He licked her ass while he was tied to a table, and his head was in the wooden box. The only thing… Read more »

Blonde Janay dominates.

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Janay on
Jonathan very likes to carry out her orders. Today high heels mistresses Janay dominates. He will do all that she wants. Janay dressed in sexual white corset and waits for her slave. Janay will beat this disobedient slave on a bum. Certainly, he will yell from pain and femdom gallery plead her with it about mercy. But Janay is inexorable and his paltry bum little by little will get strapon jane into blood. Jonathan doesn’t yet present what tortures wait him ahead. Not give up Jonathan ……

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Brutal Femdom

Posted in Domination, Femdom on May 16th, 2008 by Michael Smith

Hot femdom action on

This Japanese man is not lucky. He thinks that extreme penis modifications he come to teach in section of East combat. And as a result he penis torture falls into her tough clutches. This women-vamp put straps on his manly body and flings him on the altar. But until she sacrifices him, he must endure all kinds of humiliation. Anal femdom full movie torture as compared with her femdom actions are children’s games……..

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Great in femdom

Posted in Domination, Facesitting, Femdom on March 23rd, 2008 by Michael Smith

She dominated under kinky mistresses her guy. They did not come home. She pushed him to the ground and began femdom. He has been brought to hot nude femdomsuch conduct of his girl.

She raised the skirts and pants pushed. Dominant girl showed pussy to him. She took him facesitting. He licked her pussy very deeply. She felt orgasm in penis pain some time. She was great in femdom.

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Femdom humiliation

Posted in Femdom, Humiliation on March 13th, 2008 by Michael Smith

They have high heels mistresses fun in the yard. Femdom overtook them. She showed him femdom humiliation. It began with a penis humiliation and femdom gallery gradually turned to femdom humiliation. She knew strapon jane that the guy loves femdom and femdom humiliation. They have femdom more than once and always stay happy.

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Feet kiss

Posted in Domination, Femdom on March 11th, 2008 by Michael Smith

It was a brutal domination. They have femdom act. She led him femdom pics kiss her feet. She believed femdom him as slave. He was happy to deliver the pleasure of its dominant girlfriend. They had a wonderful time. She knew a lot black mistress of ways of femdom. He surprised her resiliency in femdom.

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Strap on fuck

Posted in Femdom, Strap on on March 10th, 2008 by Michael Smith

They were in the bathtub. His blond girlfriend fucked him  forced fem tgp with strap on. He felt the smoking mistress offensive orgasm. She professionally owned strap on . She was able to deliver pleasure from femdom to guy. They mistress ebony femdom streaming were an excellent pair of femdom and love it.

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